Friday, January 16, 2009

Local Flood Question

I just had a question regarding the concept of a local, not global flood. If the flood was local (can anyone define "local"?), then why didn't God just tell Noah to move away and then come back?

Potential response #1: Because Noah had to save the animals.
Rebuttal: Even if all the animals in the "local" region died, surely it would get repopulated by animals coming in by other regions.

Potential response #2: It would take too long to move away and then come back.
Rebuttal: I couldn't find in the text where it says how old Noah was when God told him to build the ark, but at that time it probably took several years(?). Surely it would have been less to time to move himself and his three sons far away and then return. Furthermore, why even return? Why not just inhabit another part of the planet?

Any other ideas? Just curious.