Monday, January 19, 2009

Bible's view of NASA

"Genesis shows that the sun and moon are not cosmic deities worthy of reverence; the stars are no more than light-bearing bodies that are subservient to the needs of the earth."

K. A. Mathews, vol. 1A, Genesis 1-11:26, electronic ed., Logos Library System; The New American Commentary (Nashville: Broadman & Holman Publishers, 2001, c1995), 154.

If this is so, and I have no problem agreeing with it, then the Christian perspective on exploring the universe is that while there is some benefit in terms of increasing our knowledge of God's power and majesty, a lot of the focus is wasted time and money.

Consider all the missions that are trying to find life on other planets and determine what kinds of weather and history those planets have. That is billions of dollars that could have been used on earth, but have been thrown into a black hole. To put it another way, we're spending billions by having robots walk on other planets and wander through space which gives us pretty much useless information in terms of impacting our lives and future, and all the while the government is running out of money and our economy is collapsing. Isn't is wonderful to know what tempature it is on Mars while we can't afford to keep the heat on?

Perhaps that's a bit too harsh. So be it.